WELCOME TO THE                                                HORNETS NEST!

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Our Hornet's Nest Leaders are invested in the success of every student. Here at El Nido Elementary, our goal is to equip our students with the tools to succeed in every aspect of life. 

 Hornets Nest Director

Jashaan Wright

Contact Info

209-385-8420 ext. 7131


The Hornets Nest after school program offers additional educational support from our leaders. Students have the opportunity to complete homework, test and enhance their reading skills and so much more! Tutoring in areas of weakness is essential in your childs' educational career. Hornet's Nest leaders work side by side with teachers to ensure our students are getting academic support in the areas they need most!

"The after school program is my favorite part of the day! I love the fun activities and hanging out with my friends."    

Elizabeth F.

"My favorite part about the after school program is getting my homework done at school, I don't have to do it at home, and I love the game room!"    

Jaime M.

It takes a village to raise a kid. That is what we offer here at El Nido Elementary. Our goal is to mirror the lessons taught in the classroom in our after school program. The leaders understand the importance of education and we make it our top priority.We believe it all starts here in grade school. Please take advantage of the great opportunities in the Hornets Nest.